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L2/R2 Button [Front and Back touch screen]

Best to play the “remote play” and “PS archive” of PlayStation!! The feature of this new model grip cover is that L2 and R2 buttons corresponding to Touch Screen on both the front and back are added. The grip cover is intended to more comfortably activate features assigned to the front Touch Screen and back Touch Pad. The shape of the grip cover is hard to slip, gets to fit the hand and is excellent in operatability and fit feeling. Popular software titles of using front “L2/R2” Front screen ・MONSTER HUNTER:WORLD ・FINAL FANTASY XV ・RESIDENT EVIL:BIOHAZARD7 ・NIOH ・DRAGONQUEST XI ・DRAGONQUEST HEROES Ⅰ・Ⅱ ・DESTINY2 ・BATTLE FIELD1 ・TITANFALL2 ・GRAVITY RUSH2 ・Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ,and so on Popular software titles of using rear “L2/R2” Rear touch pad ・YAKUZA 6 YAKUZA Serie ・PERSONA 5 ・Bloodborne ・RAINBOWSIX SIEGE ・THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT ・UNCHARTED 4 ・HORIZON ZERO DAWN ・EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 ・Assassins Creed Origins ・Ark: Survival Evolved ・Call of Duty WWII ・The Evil Within 2 ,and so on…

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